“SMASHING” – Touring nationally in 2017.

If your town has a theatre, I’ll be there and smashing it very soon!

Love Kitty x

Kitty Flanagan Smashing
Kitty Flanagan is one of Australia’s best known comedians. Before that she was one of Australia’s least known waitresses at the Pizza Hut.
She has played all over the world and now tours Australia relentlessly, determined to bring her award winning stand up shows to every regional arts centre and theatre around the country. If she hasn’t been to your town, and you have a stage of some sort then please drop her a line and she’ll be there shortly.
Kitty is a writer and performer and can be seen as herself on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (ABC) and not as herself in the Working Dog series Utopia (ABC). Previously she appeared in her own segment on The Project every Tuesday night. She also shows up regularly on the comedy news quiz programme, Have You Been Paying Attention.
Her favourite food is soup, closely followed by fried potatoes of any kind. She lives in Sydney with her dog Henry, her cat Sarge and a lovely Magnolia tree called Mary. Kitty hopes to one day develop some skills, get an education and find a real job.

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Date City Venue  
02/06/17 Kyneton Kyneton Town Hall Sold Out
03/06/17 Benalla Benalla Performing Arts and Convention Centre Buy Tickets
22/06/17 Port Macquarie The Glasshouse Sold Out
23/06/17 Coffs Harbour C.ex Buy Tickets
24/06/17 Grafton Saraton Theatre Buy Tickets
30/06/17 Bendigo Ullumbarra Theatre Buy Tickets
01/07/17 Shepparton Eastbank Centre Buy Tickets
13/07/17 Bathurst Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre Buy Tickets
14/07/17 Orange Civic Theatre Buy Tickets
15/07/17 Dubbo Dubbo Regional Theatre Buy Tickets
28/07/17 Springwood Blue Mountains Theatre Buy Tickets
29/07/17 Springwood Blue Mountains Theatre Buy Tickets
04/08/17 Darwin The Darwin Entertainment Centre Buy Tickets
10/08/17 Warrnambool Lighthouse Theatre Buy Tickets
11/08/17 Ballarat Her Majesty’s Theatre Buy Tickets
12/08/17 Geelong Geelong P.A.C Buy Tickets
17/08/17 Bundaberg Moncrieff Entertainment Centre Buy Tickets
18/08/17 Maryborough Brolga Theatre Buy Tickets
19/08/17 Caloundra The Events Centre Buy Tickets
07/09/17 Noosa The J Buy Tickets
03/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
04/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
05/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
06/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
07/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
08/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
10/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
11/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
12/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
13/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
14/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
15/10/17 Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Buy Tickets
20/10/17 Lismore Lismore Town Hall Buy Tickets
21/10/17 Surfers Paradise The Arts Centre, Gold Coast Buy Tickets
02/11/17 Perth Regal Theatre Buy Tickets
03/11/17 Perth Regal Theatre Buy Tickets
04/11/17 Perth Regal Theatre Buy Tickets
05/11/17 Perth Regal Theatre Buy Tickets
11/11/17 Newcastle Civic Theatre Newcastle Buy Tickets

Kitty Flanagan:
Charming & Alarming

Internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian and sketch comic, Kitty Flanagan presents her first ever live DVD.

In her own inimitable, 99% fact free style, Kitty tells us why teenage mums are like ninjas, she explains the difference between monkeys and apes and you’ll learn how to survive doing a gig at a men’s prison.

 Packed with extras including hilarious sketches featuring some of her favourite characters plus the best of her many tv appearances over the years.

Available through A-list Entertainment and iTunes.

Kitty Flanagan

The award winning “Hello Kitty Flanagan” answers all of life’s big questions: What’s wrong with teenagers? Why are babies so angry? Burlesque? What is it? Should cabaret be against the law? What, exactly, is nutbreath? When did rappers start hating on ladies? Is it okay to take beverages into the dunny can? Is dunny can an acceptable term for toilet? What makes bacon the most delicious meat in all of christendom? Which religion is best for me? And, of course, are all women who own cats mental?

 On this DVD, Kitty delivers more funny stories, more physical comedy and even a couple of new songs courtesy of her favourite musical guest and singing nun, Sister Penny Flanagan. All that plus over half an hour of extra special, extra stupid extras.

 “Hello Kitty Flanagan” is now available on DVD & iTunes!

Middle Aged Lady
on Itunes

Middle Age Lady Tribute song now available to download on CD Baby!

​In Australia:

Artie Laing at A-List Entertainment
Phone: +61 2 95600600
Email: kitty@alist.com.au

In The UK:

Laura Rourke at Independent Talent
Phone: +44 207636 6565
Email: laurarourke@independenttalent.com

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